Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bank Barn

Bank barn, shed
hay bale bed,
horse manure
sweet feed,
sticky wishes, Milk weed.
Sumac, Mulberry tree,
torn bib,
corn crib,
chicken shit, dust,
Lilacs, rust.
Buttered kernels, whole,
at the bottom the bowl.
Trouble seeker
liar, leaper
thunder-loss, laughter
running faster,
By law.
By love.

Barefoot, blindness-
religion of kindness:

With an iron fist.

With a broken wrist.

Crab apple, broiled steaks
Queen Anne’s lace
Cat tails,

Wild Mustard seed.
Pussy willow, wallowing.
Walnut tree swallowing

Swallowing Elephant leaves
Swallowing dirt-dirt dreams,

Dried out creek,

Blood-fat ticks.
Sticky pickers,
curly hair
sun fried ants
truth or dare
lead rope
garter snake
halter, bridle


1 comment:

Jac-que said...

I love the composition of this poem! One of my favorites on your blog.